Welcome to our list of in-process or completed projects.

We record and store this information to help ourselves and others in the hopes it could prove useful for future projects or others working on similar things.
 Miscellaneous projects Miscellaneous projects
 Vehicle projects Vehicle projects


Vehicle projects

 1988 Chevrolet Suburban 1988 R10 Suburban
1988 Suburban refurbishment project.

 1973 D-200 Dodge crew cab pickup 1973 D200 Truck
1973 D-200 Dodge crew cab pickup truck refurbishment project.

 1987 E-150 Ford Econoline Clubwagon 1987 E150 Van
1987 E-150 Ford Clubwagon passenger van refurbishment project.

 1974 Stepvan Bucket Truck 1974 Stepvan Bucket Truck
1974 Stepvan Bucket Truck. Information, pictures, and 3D models.

 1978 Chevrolet El Camino 1978 Chevrolet El Camino
1978 El Camino refurbishment project (still currently underway).

 1987 Chevrolet Suburban 1987 R10 Suburban
1987 Suburban refurbishment project.

 1986 GMC Utility Truck 1986 GMC 2500 Utility Truck
1986 GMC Sierra 2500 utility bed truck refurbishment project.

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Miscellaneous projects

 CNC router build CNC router build
Description and information for our CNC router system build. Includes parts list and build pictures.

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