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We're a small business

In fact, we're so small that we don't even have a brick-and-mortar store. Not only does it help keep costs down for the customer, but it lowers both our operating cost and environmental impact. We are small enough to offer customized attention for each order, and to make sure you get everything you need when you need it.

We operate lean, and that means the cost to the customer is always within reason. We want to create affordable products, not expensive halo-products that no average person can reasonably afford. We keep things clean, simple, and practical. That's part of our business philosophy.

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Conservation is one thing small businesses can be really good at. We're right here in your local community, and we're all in this together. We live here; we work here; we also want clean water and fresh air because we use it too. So we do our part to make sure our environmental impact is reduced as much as possible because it's OUR environment too.

As part of our environmntal impact awareness, we rebuild or reuse equipment and tools whenever possible rather than throwing them into a landfill or junkyard. Included in this are the vehicles we operate as a business. Our delivery and shop vans and trucks are not bought new, because making and buying new vehicles is NOT good for the enviroment (and it usually costs more money). If something breaks, we fix it. We operate vehicles with 'rebuilt' titles, and vehicles that were stripped and left to rot until we got them. We put in some time and love, and they emerge as good as new with much less waste, garbage, and resources than a brand new factory made vehicle would produce coming down the line.
Photographs of tools and equipment
We don't junk or throw out old equipment when it can be fixed. A little time, a little sweat, and it can be as good as new. Where possible, we even build our own equipment.
Photographs of tools and equipment
Wood scraps and other burnables help heat our shop in the winter. All scrap metals go directly to recycling, and our shop reuses and repurposes so much in fact, that our average landfill-destined output per month is equivalent to the size of one 40gal. trash bag.

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A small business MUST be practical to survive. It's part of our business philosophy. Not only does it help us to keep organized and low-cost, but it enables us to pass those cost-savings on to the customer. We don't stock much inventory or materials, preferring to practice lean production where materials are ordered or delivered on an as-needed basis. We're a small business, and we plan to stay that way. We operate practically so that our products will ALWAYS be affordable.

We keep everything as simple and straightfroward as possible, from our instruction manuals to our website. We also extend our viewpoints to all aspects of mechanical engineering such as the 85 MPH speedometer. Hopefully you will find our site clean, simple, and easy to navigate. Things don't need to be overcomplicated!

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Kids first

We're parents. Our business was founded around a simple need for kids, and we always try to keep that in mind. We know how hard it can be to provide everything a kid needs and wants, so we try to keep our prices affordable.

The safety of children is one of our priorities. We do our best to make sure our products are appropriate, safe, and durable for kids.

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Continuous improvement

Because we run a lean, low-volume operation we can more quickly implement changes and procedures to make a better product. Everything we make is handmade, not mass-produced, so quality is built in and it is harder for things to get overlooked since there is no assembly line. We don't stock much inventory, so it is more likely the product a customer receives will be up-to-date with any quality improvements or revisions.

We are constantly involved in making a better product. Even the smallest details can sometimes be improved, even though they might not be noticable to the casual observer. We always strive to make our beds more durable, safer, and kid-friendly. Customer input and constant quality evaluation is used to suggest improvements that we evaluate for effectiveness and cost.

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