Who are we?

We are a partnership established in 2013 around the framework of designing, engineering, and handcrafting specialized products. We also love to give new life to old, outdated, or broken items. We have a passionate and vested interest in what we do!

Photographs of tools and equipment

What do we do?

Our work is entirely hand-crafted and hand-painted. Each of our products is a unique piece of craftsmanship and imagination. The authentic and detailed look of our artistry will give your special decor a unique touch!

Photographs of kids themed bed frames

Our testing team

Parents know that there is nothing tougher on things than kids. Our bed designs have survived a rigorous testing period with our in-house team. As hard on the products as they are on each other, each member of our team helps ensure you get the best design possible.

Photographs of kids

Our shop apprentice

Winston tries to ensure there is as much chaos as possible in our shop. After a hard days work of trying to eat anything in sight that moves slower than him, Winston can be found napping in the nearest, most inconvenient location.

Black labradoodle dog photographs
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