What do we do?

In addition to mobile service for the Jacksonville, FL area, we also document some of our projects on YouTube for both education and entertainment.

Wrench Wranglers on YouTube
Find us here as we cover some of our projects on our Wrench Wranglers channel!


Who are we?

We are basically just a couple who, together, enjoy troubleshooting and rebuilding. We love to give new life to old, outdated, or broken items. We have a passionate and vested interest in what we do!


What kind of work do we do?

We troubleshoot, repair, and restore mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components on pretty much anything. From old vehicles and machinery, whether small or large, we bring our unique years of experience to bear on any project worth working on. When and where possible, we try to document our work and pass along our knowledge and lessons learned to others.

Electrical troubleshooting and repair Engine troubleshooting and repair Brakes troubleshooting and repair Design and fabrication Full automotive service Automotive air conditioning service Carburetor service

Our furry apprentice

Winston tries to ensure there is as much chaos as possible. After a hard days work of trying to eat anything in sight that moves slower than him, Winston can be found napping in the nearest, most inconvenient location.

Black labradoodle dog photographs

Our history

Tradecraft Specialties was created out of a passion for designing, engineering, rebuilding, and handcrafting with a specialized touch. We try to bring to everything we do a unique sense of craftsmanship and patient skill. We love the challenge of troubleshooting new problems and solving unique situations to meet our customer’s needs.

Tradecraft Specialties was founded in 2013. We started out hand-crafting and hand-painting customized, themed children’s beds that fit both twin and full size mattresses. Below are links to these (discontinued) product pages and associated informaton:
   Shop beds Shop beds  
   About our beds About our beds  
   Download instruction manuals Bed manuals  
   Submit a review Submit review  
   Bed F.A.Q. Bed F.A.Q.  
   Bed articles Bed articles  

In 2020, due to a number of factors, we relocated and transitioned into focusing on our core skills; troubleshooting, fabricating, and repairing machinery, vehicles, or whatever else our customers require. We love to bring old or broken things back to life and usefulness.

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