Welcome to our page regarding refurbishing our 1973 Dodge D-200 crew cab pickup truck and getting it roadworthy once more.

We did not have much time to record in-progress or before pictures, so this page is less of a technical write-up and more just eye candy for classic truck people.
 1973 D-200 crew cab Information
 1973 D-200 crew cab Final



Early Dodge crew cab pickup trucks are rare, most having been ordered by government contract and driven into scrap metal. Most 70's Dodge trucks tend to rust, so civilian crew cab models are especially rare. We discovered this survivor truck and decided to refurbish it because of its rarity.

1973 D-200 crew cab

We could find scarce information on this particular Adventurer trim package truck; records for Dodge back then being vague at best. From what we could determine, it was special ordered with an increased GVWR package. This model is the short bed Sweptline version, and has been a civilian truck from new. It has its original 360 cubic inch engine and 3 speed automatic 727 Torqueflite transmission, both probably rebuilt at some point judging by their very good condition for the age.

The truck required a lot of work to get back on the road, as it had been sitting for years. All cylinders measured approximately 95-105psi compression, which was factory specification. A rebuilt carburetor and full fluid change, as well as a tune up and replaced gas got the engine running smoothly. The truck will never get great gas mileage as it has a 4.10:1 rear axle ratio in the Dana 60 axle, but these were intended for towing work horses from the factory. The transmission needed some TLC to get operational after sitting so long.

There were several missing parts throughout that required replacement, but overall it was an excellect candidate for refurbishment. There were many little things wrong that required attention, such as a leaking heater core and air conditioning system. The original factory jack was even still under the rear seat. This truck was Zeibart rustproofed from new, which is probably why it survived so well.

We rebuilt the entire factory air conditioning system, and converted it to R134-a refridgerant. Several guages in the cluster required repair, and lots of cosmetic items throughout. At some point a previous owner had a matching cap painted and fitted, which protected the bed. The bed was very clean and unscarred, apparently not having been abused as a work truck.

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The final completed project:

1973 D-200 crew cab bed 1973 D-200 crew cab 1973 D-200 crew cab 1973 D-200 crew cab interior 1973 D-200 crew cab interior 1973 D-200 crew cab 1973 D-200 crew cab engine compartment

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