Welcome to our page regarding refurbishing our 1987 Ford E-150 Econoline van and getting it roadworthy once more.

We did not have much time to record in-progress or before pictures, so this page is less of a technical write-up and more just eye candy for classic van people.
 1987 E-150 Econoline van Information
 1987 E-150 Econoline van Final



Although old Ford Econoline vans are fairly common, finding an original survivor in good condition is more rare. This particular van has a 5.0L V8 and 4 speed automatic, a common configuration. The body and drivetrain are in nice shape, and it only required a little maintenance to get back on the road.

Ford E-150 Clubwagon brown

The air conditioning did require some work, as it still had old R12 refridgerant in the system and did not operate correctly. We replaced seals and a few parts, converted the system to R134-a and got it working again.

These classic vans are great highway cruisers, and capable of hauling or towing when necessary. They don't tend to get as good gas mileage as a comparable station wagon or similar, but they are great workhorses. This van seats 8 (rear-most bench seat shown removed in pictures), or with one or both bench seats removed can haul large cargo with ease.

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The final completed project:

Ford Econoline Clubwagon E-150 passenger van Ford E-150 5.0L van interior

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