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Instruction manuals
 What sets your beds apart from the competition?
 Are our beds right for you and your child?
 What materials do we use?
 Can you design bunk beds or loft beds?
 Can I pick up my order at your shop?
 Will your beds support an adult's weight?
 Can you design toddler beds for crib size mattresses?
 Why are some colors more expensive than others?
 Why do you brush paint instead of spraying or rolling it on?
 How long will my order take to produce?
 How do I know my bed model number?
 Will you ever offer free shipping?

 What is a box spring all about?
 Mass produced bed frames
 Crib to Bed Transition

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Random Stuff▼
366T/427T engines▼
 Water pumps
 Cylinder heads
 Brackets and mounting
 Intake manifold
 Overall engine differences
 Exhaust manifolds
 HEI conversion
 Governor system
 Oil pans
 Why use a 366?
 366/427 versus 454

TH400 parking brake▼
 Parts breakdown
 Adapting from later style
 Tailshaft housing

CNC router build▼
 Machined plates
 Plate dimensions
 Electrical and controls

PS262 oil sender▼
 PS262 oil pressure sender description and function
 PS262 oil pressure sender common failures
 PS262 oil pressure sender troubleshooting
 PS262 oil pressure sender calibration

GM 73-91 Headlights▼
 Configuration and wiring
 Common failures and issues

GM 89-95 DRAC module▼
 DRAC module information
 DRAC module programming

GMT-400 door handles▼
 Conversion to Kodiak/Topkick style

1988 Suburban▼
 Arrival condition

1973 D200 Truck▼

1987 E-150 Ford Econoline Clubwagon▼

Automotive literature

Automotive A/C▼
 Orfice tube metering
 Expansion valve metering

Hydroboost brakes▼
 Hydroboost overview
 Hydroboost unit

GM Custom Cruise III cruise control▼
 Component operation
 Disengagement switch
 Control stalk

2001 and 2002 Toyota 4Runner ABS Module▼

4.7L intake manifolds▼

The budget build myth▼
 The myth
 The truth
 The short block
 The top end

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