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Diesel Engine:
Type: 2 cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled and direct injection
Bore: 4.134 inch (105)
Stroke: 4.724 inch (120mm)
Piston displacement: 127 cubic inch (2.08 litre)
Compression ratio: 16.5:1
Idle speed (min): 800 RPM
Governor speed (max no load): 1775 to 1825 RPM
Intake valve clearance (cold): 0.012 inch (0.3 mm)
Exhaust valve clearance (cold): 0.012 inch (0.3 mm)

Engine Lubrication System:
Type: constant pressure and spray
Oil pump: gerotor
Oil filter (1) Centrifugal type (replaced by canister filter on some later models)
Minimum oil pressure (warm, 800 RPM): 11 psi (0.8kg/cm^2)
Normal operating temperature: 104-248 degrees F (40-120 degrees C)
Oil capacity: 7.4 qts (7 litres)
Oil type: API service classification CD/SD or MIL-L-2104C Series 3 for single grade oils. Use API service classification CC SE, CC/SD, SD or MIL-L-46152 for multiviscosity oils
Note: single viscosity is the preferred engine lubricating oil. Use Series 3 type oil if the sulpher content of diese fuel exceeds 0.6%.

Fuel System:
Fuel injection pump: rotary plunger
Type: direct injection
Governor: mechanical, variable speed
Air intake system: centrifugal with oil bath
fuel filters: one primary, two secondary (later models may only have one secondary)
Fuel tank capacity: 14.0 U.S. gallons (53 L)
Fuel type: Grade No. 1D or 2D
Oil bath type air cleaner capacity: .84 qts (.8 L)
Hand priming pump: part of main fuel pump
Cold start aid: decompression lever and glow plug in intake manifold
Fuel pump oil capacity: .26 qt (0.1 L)

Engine Cooling System:
Type: air cooled, belt driven fan
Operating temperature range: 105-248 degrees F (40-120 degrees C)

Type: 10.8 inch (275mm) diameter, dry single plate, mechanically actuated

Type: individual rear wheel band type, mechanically actuated with brake pedal interlock

Remote hydraulic System:
Pump type: gear
Pump capacity (at 1760 RPM): 4.2 gpm (15.75 L/m)
Operating pressure (max): 2060 psi (145 kg/cm^2)
Type remote valve: one standard, open center
Resevoir capacity: 8 qts (7.5L)
Oil type: All purpose hydraulic oil SAE 20, 30 or multigrade with antiwear additives

Hitch System:
Type hitch: three point, category II
Type control valve: Four position - lift, neutral, lower and float
Lift capacity at lower links: 1322 lbs (600 kg)
Drawbar: standard type, swing/side mount

Type: mechanical, sliding mesh with Hi-Lo range levers
Speed selection: 8 forward gears, 6 reverse
Differential type: double pinion
Differential lock: mechanical, foot pedal operated
Final drive type: spur gear
Transmission oil capacity: 2.65 U.S. gallon (10.0 L)
Final drive oil capacity, each: 1.58 qts (1.5L)
Oil type: HD SAE 80-90 or 90 gear oils that meet API Classification GL-5 and/or MIL-L-2105B

Power Takeoff:
PTO type: independant or transmission
Type actuation: hand lever for start/stop
Rotation (from rear of tractor): clockwise
PTO speed (at 1746 engine RPM): 540 RPM
Output shaft size: 6 splines, 1.375 inch diameter
PTO hp: 24.0

Steering System:
Type: mechanical (power optional)

Electrical System:
Type: 12 volt, negative ground
Batteries: 2, 6 volt, 900 CCA at 0 degrees F connected in series, Group size 4, top stud terminals
Alternator: 12 volt, 50 amp output
Voltage regulator: 12 volt, solid state, integral with alternator
Starter motor: 12 volt, with solenoid switch
Head lamps: 2, 55 watt, replaceable bulb (Belarus P/N A12-45 x 40)
Rear lamps: Belarus P/N A12-32
Flasher lamps: 4, with direction turn signals, 12 volt, amber lens (GE-56 bulbs)
Tail lamps: 2, 12 volt, red lens (GE-57 bulbs)
Rear accessory connector: 7 terminal outlet for direction lamps, 12 volt power and tail lamps for implements

Head lamps: 20 amp, replaceable wire
Flasher lamps: 10 amp, replaceable wire
Tail lamp: 20 amp, replaceable wire
Instrument panel: 20 amp, replaceable wire
Horn: 10 amp, replaceable wire
Brake lights: 10 amp, replaceable wire

Front Tires:
Tire size: 6.00 x 16SL
Tire rating: 4 ply
Tread type: F2
Rim size: 4.00E-16
Maximum load capacity (single wheel): 1,234 lb (560 kg)
Inflation pressure: 20-28 psi (1.4-2.0 kg/cm^2)
Wheel bolt torque: 190-210 ft lb (258-285 Nm)

Rear Tires:
Tire size: 10 x 28
Tire rating: 6 ply
Tread type: R1
Maximum load capacity (single wheel): 2,469 lbs (1120 kg)
Inflation pressure: 13-25 psi (0.9-1.8 kg/cm^2)
Wheel bolt torque: 190-210 ft lb (258-285 Nm)

Travel Speeds (at 1800 engine RPM):
Gear -- MPH -- (KPH)
1 -- 2.96 -- (4.76)
2 -- 4.35 -- (7.0)
3 -- 4.85 -- (7.8)
4 -- 7.10 -- (11.4)
5 -- 8.90 -- (14.3)
6 -- 13.05 -- (21.0)
SL1 -- 0.83 -- (1.33)
SL2 -- 1.22 -- (1.96)

Gear -- MPH -- (KPH)
R1 -- 2.96 -- (4.76)
R2 -- 4.35 -- (7.0)
R3 -- 4.85 -- (7.8)
R4 -- 7.10 -- (11.4)
R5 -- 8.90 -- (14.3)
R6 -- 13.05 -- (21.0)

Note: travel speeds are approximate with 10 x 28 tires at rated engine speed. Note: if MPH is desired for engine speed other than rated: MPH = (MPH [chart] x engine RPM) / Rated RPM Example: if chart speed was 5.8 MPH and tractor has engine with rated speed of 1800 RPM and MPH wanted is at 1650 RMP: MPH = (5.8 x 1650)/1800 = 5.3 MPH

Approximate Meaasurements and Weights:
Shipping weight: 4,300 lb (1,948 kg)
Max recommended operating weight: 6620 lb (2999 kg) [including tractor, equipment, and ballast]
Total length to end of hitch links: 128 inch (324.5 cm) for low setting
Total length to end of drawbar: 120 inch (304.8 cm)
Total width (with 47 inch tread setting): 58 inch (147.2 cm)
Standard height (top of hood): 47 inch (120.0 cm) for low setting
Modified height (top of hood): 47-56 inch (120.0-142.0 cm)
Standard wheelbase: 69 inch (175.3 cm)
Front wheel tread width adjustment range: 47-55 inch (120.0-140.0 cm)
Rear wheel tread width adjustment range: 47-55 inch (120.0-140.0 cm)
Standard ground clearance (under brake sleeves): 17 inch (42.7 cm) for low setting
Modified ground clearance (under brake sleeves): 17-25 inch (42.7-63.4 cm)
Front wheel toe-in: 0.062-0.312 inch (1.6-7.9 mm)
Note: all measurements are for tractors with 6.00 x 16 inch front and 10 x 28 inch rear tires.

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Starting issues

From the factory these tractors use a heavy duty direct-drive starter with an integrated solenoid that both closes the motor contacts and engages the pinion gear into the flywheel. A compression release is used during starting to reduce the starter motor load and get the engine spinning fast enough to start.

Over time and wear, starter performance may lag, resulting in slower and harder starting. There are several ways to resolve these issues.

Gear reduction starter: Replacing the factory starter with a newer gear reduction drive starter will increase starter speed. These starters are a direct replacement and generally just as reliable as the factory units, although generally cost more.

Wiring: The factory battery cables and batteries are generally undersized. Replacing and upgrading them will allow more amperage to pass to the starter and increase starting speeds.

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Nebraska Tractor Test Lab Results




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Article links

November 25, 1990 article from the Washington Post: a U.S. Belarus salesman makes a tractor sale to a Russian compound in Maryland.
Link to article (this will take you away from our site)

May 19, 1975 article from the Washington Post: article about tractor exports from Russia.
Link to article (this will take you away from our site)

1988 article on the Minsk Tractor Works
Link to article (this will take you away from our site)

Belarus 250AS pedal tractor

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Identical models

This tractor came to North America in several different forms. They were all manufatured initially in Minsk, Belarus under the T25 tractor series. For sales overseas some were branded as Belarus, NorTrac, or other brands to be sold by various dealers and companies.

'Belarus' tractors were marketed in the United States by Belarus Machinery, Inc. 7075 Parkland Ct. Milwaukee, WI.

In 1983, the Directory of USSR Foreign Trade Organizations and Officals lists Belarus Machinery of U.S.A., Inc. 7075 Parkland Ct. Milwaukee, WI.

In 1994 Belarus Machinery of U.S.A., Inc. (Entity# 0010098606) was registered with Texas Secretary of State (SOS). The business incorporation date is July 20, 1994. The address was 7075 Parkland Ct. Milwaukee, WI.

In 1998 Belarus Machinery of U.S.A., Inc. (07/08/1998, expired 09/14/2003) registered a ULS Authorization for call sign [WPDE288] for Radio Service [IG - Industrial/Business Pool, Conventional], Liscenee: [BELARUS MACHINERY OF U S A INC. P.O. Box 23608, MILWAUKEE, WI 53223, ATTN TROY SCROGGINS], Control Point of: [7075 W PARKLAND CT, MILWAUKEE, WI P: (414)355-2000]

In 2010, distribution of Belarus tractors in United States and Canada was re-established through a local distributor "MTZ Equipment Ltd".

Reported model date ranges for North America:
Belarus 250A: 1976-1984 (reported dates)
Belarus 250AS: 1979-1987 (reported dates, but we have a 1992 model and have seen newer also, so dates are suspect)
NorTrac 250AS: 1986-1990, marketed by Northern Tool

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Year identification

There are certain parts on these tractors cast with a 'casting clock' that will have date information that can be used to roughly date the machine. Most prominent among these is if the tractor has a rear accessory electrical plug. The plug cover will have a casting clock on it with the year in the center.

Some later tractors appear to have a raised instrument panel with a black plastic cover, while other ones have a painted metal instrument surround more even with the level of the hood.

Some tractors are equipped with factory rollbars, some are not. This does not appear to be date-related. The same appears to be true of options like the fender-mounted toolbox.

Some tractors have round forward-mounted fender lights, some have rectangular units.

Below are SOME reported serial numbers and the reported years, and under which model plate they were made for reference.
Serial Number -- Year Made -- Model
65878 -- 1976 -- Belarus 250A
103820 -- -- Belarus 250AS
170093 -- 1978 -- Belarus 250A
170443 -- 1979 -- Belarus 250A
188367 -- 1980 -- Belarus 250A
225075 -- 1981 -- Belarus 250A
294881 -- 1983 -- Belarus 250A
237125 -- 1984 -- Belarus 250A
303878 -- 1985 -- Belarus 250AS (first serial number for this year)
348925 -- 1986 -- Belarus 250AS (first serial number for this year)
434067 -- 1987 -- Belarus 250AS (first serial number for this year)
447635 -- -- Belarus 250AS
473738 -- 1988 -- Belarus 250AS (first serial number for this year)
483608 -- -- Belarus 250AS
484106 -- -- Belarus 250AS
512751 -- 1989 -- Belarus 250AS (first serial number for this year)
514145 -- -- Belarus 250AS
584713 -- -- Belarus 250AS
585075 -- -- Belarus 250AS
585272 -- -- Belarus 250AS
582959 -- -- Belarus 250AS
587127 -- -- Belarus 250AS
605214 -- -- Belarus 250AS
613177 -- -- Belarus 250AS
617177 -- -- Belarus 250AS
623561 -- -- Belarus 250AS
627641 -- -- Belarus 250AS
632822 -- -- Belarus 250AS
634614 -- -- Belarus 250AS
638198 -- 1995 -- Belarus 250AS
646792 -- -- Belarus 250AS
671369 -- -- T25A2 on manf tag, but Belarus 250AS decals on tractor (high instrument panel, roll bar)
671471 -- -- Belarus 250AS (high instrument panel)
678730 -- 1993 -- Belarus 250AS (high instrument panel, roll bar)
1011385 -- -- Belarus 250AS
1166453 -- -- Belarus 250AS

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Unique features

These tractors have several unique features for a unit of their size and class.
-Air cooled Diesel
-Adjustable axle height, front and rear (three height positions for front and rear wheels)
-Hydraulic pump disconnect
-Factory installed rear hydraulics
-Power down, in addition to power up, on the three point hitch
-Float position for three point hitch, in addition to up/down/neutral
-Full light package available complete with turn signals, work lights, and hi/lo headlights
-Flat driver compartment floor (not directly on transmission), driver compartment has rubber frame isolators
-Battery compartment tray that slides out for easy access
-Full gauge package: oil pressure, oil temperature, amps, fuel, tach/speedometer
-Category II three point hitch (most tractors in this arena have Category I)
-Two PTO options: independant or transmission

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Belarus engine in a pickup

The following was originally published in a 1981 Farm Show Magazine, regarding a Ford F-100 owner who transplanted a Belarus 420 4-cylinder diesel engine into his pickup. The 420 engine is basically just a Belarus 250 engine with two more cylinders.

Farm Show Magazine Russian Engine in Pickup

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1980 Belarus Machinery Inc Advertisement

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Early tractors used a gauge panel that was set low behind the steering wheel, in line with the height of the hood. The surround was painted metal like the rest of the tractor.

Some tractors (these appear to be few in number) have a black plastic surround set atop the low gauge position.

Belarus tractor 250AS mid level gauges

Later tractors used a raised gauge panel that was set higher for easier gauge viewing. The surround was black molded plastic.

Belarus tractor 250AS raised gauges

Almost all tractors are factory equipped with a full suite of gauges including oil temperature, oil pressure, amperage, fuel level, tachometer/speedometer, and various indicator lights. A battery shut-off on the negative side is also provided in the operator area.

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