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Mobile troubleshooting and repair
Welcome to Tradecraft Specialties!

Specialized repair and troubleshooting.

We operate a mobile repair service for the Jacksonville, Florida area that can come to you for troubleshooting and repair. Light vehicles, mowers, power equipment, hydraulics, pnuematics, electrical, gas engine, and general service. With years of experience in engine and vehicle repair, electrical maintenance, carburetors, fuel injection, and many other fields, our expertise can help you resolve issues more efficiently.
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Contact us for quotes or questions.

We are a small business, so no job is too small for us.

Get the care and consideration of a local, dedicated technician with the convienience of your schedule and your location. Please note email or text is best since our hands are usually busy and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Although our auto service main specialty is General Motors products, we still work on any make or model of vechicle.

We also have many years of experience in small engines and equipment.

We troubleshoot with both advanced modern tools and reliable old-fashioned experience.

From carburetors to fuel injection systems, we can work on anything.

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